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Stainless, Carbon, Alloy and Tool


Steel Types & Finishes- Zinc Galvanized, General Purpose, Nickel Coated, Tempered, Annealed, Blue Tempered & Polished, Spring, Carbon, Multipurpose, Bearing Quality, Water & Oil Hardened, Wear & Shock Resistant, Hot & Cold Rolled, Very & Ultra Hard.

Stainless Grades- 300/400 series

   -All finishes (Mill, #2B, #3, #4 and #8)


Cast Gray & Cast Ductile


Copper, Brass & Bronze:

Varied machined conductors for the electrical and heating industries.



1/4" - 3' dimensional structures

Various colored polymers for durability and cost alternatives are offered.


Specialty Materials:

Titanium, Ceramic & more!


-Thin & Heavy Wall Thickness

-Pieces, Parts and Lengths

-Anodize and Powder Coat

-Low Die Costs

-Minimum Quantities

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